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Keyword Clustering

Swiftbrief is the SEO tool that helps you scale content with data.
Find The Right Keywords
Crawl and analyze SERPs to find the keywords ranking across the first 20 results then cluster keywords with the highest potential for success.
Get Accurate Data
Make decisions based on relevant data across SERPs, keywords, and content. Use our keyword scoring signals to align your priorities with market trends.
Build Effective Content
Serve your content writers briefs and outlines that hit the target every time. Edit the final brief. Then it’s as easy as copy and paste.

1. Enter Topic Keyword

Enter a general topic keyword to find relevant page topics belonging to the same cluster.

1. Enter Topic Keyword
2. Select Root Keyword

2. Select Page Keyword

Use data like volume, difficulty and authority to prioritize page topics, then click on Create Brief.

3. Finalize Your Brief

Make any necessary changes to the brief before moving it into content production.

4. Finalize Your Brief
4. Finalize Your Brief

4. Produce AI Content

Use our built-in AI Writer to turn your brief into polished content ready for your website.

Our SEO Tool Suite: Scaling Your SEO Ops Has Never Been Easier
Your SEO workflow is covered from keyword discovery down to tracking performance. Have a topic in mind? Find and cluster relevant page keywords, build the briefs, write the content and track performance all in one platform. It might as well be magic.

Blog Outline Generator

Craft structured, engaging outlines, streamlining the writing process and optimizing content for audience engagement and SEO effectiveness.

Content Brief Generator

Instantly create detailed content briefs, integrating SEO data, competitor analysis, and tailored guidelines, streamlining the content planning process for marketers and writers.

Keyword Clustering Tool

Segment keywords into relevant topical groups, enhancing targeted content creation and improving website structure for both user navigation and search engine indexing.

Keyword Generator

Data backed keyword suggestions to help find high-traffic keywords, trending topics, and user intent insights, essential for crafting SEO-optimized content strategies.

Page Type for Every Stage of the User Journey
Content is built to serve different needs. Choose from a variety of page types to help you craft an intent driven experience. Or better yet, let Switbrief assign one for you.


Guide/How to


















Brief Elements: Everything your Writer Needs

With Swiftbrief’s one click briefs, you can  produce comprehensive outlines that encompass all the necessary elements for a writer’s success.

Each outline includes sample content, detailed content instructions, and internal linking suggestions to ensure seamless navigation. Providing thorough keyword mapping to enhance SEO, along with specific image alt tags and video resources to enrich the content. Structured tables, relevant stats, and current events are integrated to add depth and credibility with brand integration for a cohesive tie-back.

Effortlessly produce high-quality, optimized content that stands out and drives results

Swiftbrief is Built Different
Unlike most SEO tools you might run into, Swiftbrief knows that it takes more than just text to rank. This is why each page is crafted with the highest regard for search best practices. Whether you’re using Swiftbrief to generate briefs, outlines, or ai written content - quality is always in mind.

Keyword Mapping

For Higher Rankings

Identifies strategic keywords to boost search engine visibility and audience engagement.

Content Instructions

For Seamless Writing

Organizes complex information into easy-to-digest tables for better user comprehension.

Brand Integration

For Conversion CTA

Seamlessly weaves brand messages and calls-to-action to drive conversions and brand loyalty.

Internal Linking

For Tighter Ecosystems

Creates interconnected content pathways to improve user navigation and site authority.

*GSC Integration not Required


For Content Helpfulness

Integrates relevant data to enhance the credibility and informativeness of your content.

Video Resource

For Supplementary Content

Adds video elements to enrich your content and cater to diverse learning preferences.

Structured Tables

For Enhanced Readability

Organizes complex information into easy-to-digest tables for better user comprehension.

Current Events

For Real World Relevance

Incorporates trending topics to keep your content timely and engaging for readers.

Image Alt Tags

For Image Optimization

Optimizes images with descriptive alt tags to improve accessibility and search engine ranking.

Case Studies: We Have Receipts
Discover how Swiftbrief transforms content creation. From streamlining workflow for a bustling digital agency to boosting SEO rankings for in house teams, our clients have experienced remarkable success. We’d like to showcase how Swiftbrief's intuitive tools have revolutionized the way businesses craft and optimize their SEO content.
Whether it's generating quality content, or conducting thorough keyword research, we’re inspired by our proven track record. See for yourself the power of Swiftbrief in action.
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Increased clicks by 52% to 8053 QoQ across 13 pages SEO growth case study screenshot


Increased clicks by 72% to 537 QoQ across 11 pages SEO growth case study screenshot


Increased clicks by 464% to 1650 MoM across 1 page SEO growth case study screenshot
The SwiftbriefApp team absolutely hooks it up. Great product & even better customer service, a must-have if you're creating content at scale.
Founder of New Seas
Swiftbrief is an absolute game-changer for keyword clustering. It uncovers keywords fast, saving me from wasting money on expensive keyword tools
Ilias Ism
Marketing agency owner
Our Process
We’re not your typical SEO tool. Our approach is simple: use data to present the most optimal path to success.
Site Topic
Page Topics
Page Keywords
Brief & Outline
Keyword Clustering: Build SEO Roadmaps Fast
Come for the briefs, stay for the roadmap. Don’t just produce standalone pages, let Swiftbrief build a clustered  ecosystem of pages to help you prioritize your content pipeline from start to finish.

SEO Data That Matters

Swiftbrief is your partner in navigating the vast sea of data, delivering actionable SEO insights that power your content strategy. By automating the tedious parts of content research, our SEO platform frees you to focus on what truly matters - engaging and growing your audience with quality content.

We interpret a large amounts of SEO data and distill them down to understandable, actionable briefs.

Reframing Keyword Research

we're redefining the Keyword hierarchy with seed, root, and branch level classifications. We start at the seed level, identifying the foundational terms integral to your niche. We then branch out to the root level where these seeds grow into page topic keywords. Finally, we explore the branch level, delving into the supporting keyword pool for page integration.

This structure ensures comprehensive coverage and consistent clustering results, empowering your content to flourish in an ecosystem.

Three simple plans
Priced to allow for aggressive scale without  having to break the bank.
Great for occassional delegating to freelance writers or quick research
Duration - 1 month

Up to 4 briefs / mo

Up to 45 topics / mo

1 brand

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For high-volume delegation in agency settings
Duration - 1 month

Up to 100 briefs / mo

Up to 1000 topics / mo

30 brands

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Great for occassional delegating to freelance writers or quick research
Duration - 1 year

Up to 4 briefs / mo

Up to 45 topics / mo

1 brand

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For high-volume delegation in agency settings
Duration - 1 year

Up to 100 briefs / mo

Up to 1000 topics / mo

30 brands

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Why Choose Swiftbrief?
Effortless content optimization, and a competitive edge, Swiftbrief is your gateway to data-driven content success. Sign up now!
180 min
Minutes saved on each brief
Saved on research per article
5 to 7
Months of added writer retention
Headaches and time wasted